Academic Levels


Age: 4 to 5

Chinese Level: Novice Low

Focus: Learning basic Chinese vocabulary, and focus on listening and speaking in Chinese.


Age: 5 to 8

Chinese Level: Novice Mid

Focus: Chinese phonetics (Bopomofo/Zhuyin) and fundamental vocabulary and communication.

Level One

Age: 5 to 8

Chinese Level: Novice High

Focus: Basic conversation structure, Chinese characters, form sentences, and basic reading.

Level Three

Age: 6 to 12

Chinese Level: Intermediate Low; Understand Chinese phonetics and basic reading.

Focus: Vocabulary and conversation.

Level Four

Age: 9 to 14

Chinese Level: Intermediate Mid; Understand basic communication and reading.

Focus: Learn the widely used words and sentence patterns in daily life, and cultivate independent oral and literacy skills.

Level Seven

Age: 13 and above

Chinese Level: Intermediate High

Focus: Learn advanced Chinese sentence patterns and words to enrich your expression depth and life conversations.